Could you please teach me how to get such extraordinary buff % ?


  • Hi @Ninomiya! You build up the Buffs by playing in a guild and the greater a guild is the greater the buffs will get. 
  • Electra,
    Thanks for the response.
    I know where the buff% add from.
    However, I wonder how to get it like extraordinarily increased, especially when players in his/her same guild hasn't got the similar high buff%.
    Do you know why and how?

  • It's a game glitch that needs to be addressed. It is completely skewing HA results.
  • When you donate gold to your guild, it goes towards earning the next buff. If nobody in your guild donates, you'll never get there . Encourage your teammates to donate daily (or find a more active guild). 
  • Everyone in your guild has same buff numbers from guild.  The variation among guild mates occur depending on which idols using on each minion you use to make up your attack team.   
  • Forgot to add, I also think that ones Avatar (ie Hero) Level also factors into additional buffs. 
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