Switching from google play to game center

Hi, this is my first post. I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find any clear answers. I have contacted the game help center, but I am still waiting for a reply. Does anyone have experience with changing from Android to iOS? I suppose I have to disconnect the game from google play, but I am worried. Thanks


  • itismimi. I have been playing this game for few years now and players are not able to change from Android to iOS or vice versa without starting from the beginning with new Avatar.  All previous players who have tried have lost everything by attempting this switch. Sorry to be the bearer of sad news :(. unless changes have been made.  i do not know why one can not change, but i do know that when updates occur players using Android have the advantage of beta testing the changes first while those of us playing with iOS fall behind since we continue to play the old version without the newest rewards. LOL.  
  • Changing from one to the other is not possible, no, because of things like:
    - Operating systems being different 
    - The "eco-system" how accounts are handled by Google/Apple is different

    As for Android often rolling out before iOS: This has to do with differences in approval-process. Big updates (like when HA/HC was changed, blót introduced and so on) are always rolled out to start equally. Even if Android may have been ready a while longer
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