BUFFS % from GUILD mistake

My Buffs% has problem.
It affects me very much. It's like the game set me up to lose!
I have lost over 10-15 battles to the opponents with even 4000-5000 team power lower than mine in the Hero Arena.
This causes me not able to stay in Top 50, and of course I cannot get the prize I should be able to get in a fair competition.
Please see the attached screen captures. Even the members (Highlord and Isari Wara), we are in the same guild, they have a higher buffs% to mine.
Obviously it's an individual set up !? or I couldn't explain.

Game cache has been cleared, Phone has been restarted, nothing resume back to normal.

I seriously need LoS to clarify and compensate me or I will complain this to Google Play for the cheating of my spending in the game.


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