The arena update is bad, the benefits have been cut too much. Is this an official attempt to force e

The grand master league 2 rewards have been greatly reduced, and it is not effective to drive players to grand master league 3, because the grand master league 3 rewards are not that attractive, compared to the grand master 2 before the change.
This game is already very bad, playability is bad, this time again big cut benefit. Aren't the authorities afraid of a backlash? Do not want to increase the playability, keep players, but to make these crooked. Isn't it good to develop more new legends, epic myths, and more linkage? Wouldn't it be nice to have more game content?
This game I charge more than 500, play for more than two months, really hope the game can be better and better, feel this game pay too much, return too little. Too few gold COINS, too few hero challenges to reward. 4400 points to 10 challenge COINS, 11300 to 25 challenge COINS, really not funny?
I hope you can stand up, let the authorities pay attention, let us take action.


  • The logic is:
    The higher the league, the better the rewards.
    This was not the case before. In fact, first place in GM2 (not only 3) got a better reward than place 11-50 in Legends League. That was simply plain wrong, and invited people who should have stayed in higher levels to drop down and thereby stealing rewards from lower-powered players. 
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