Game Crashing

Hi everyone, 
My game is craShing everytime i try to start it! Is anyone else having these problems?


  • Hi guys i cannot access the game as it keeps crashing on me. 
    No one has answered my post or emails in regards to this. 
    Please remove me from the guild as i cannot get game to load. 
    Thanks for the fun. 
  • Hi @lolo!
    Are you playing on an iOS or Android? 
    Have you tried reinstalling the game? 
  • Yeah, i ended up reinstalling, and I  lost all my progress. I've been emailing the crew to try to get it sorted. 
    I'm hoping that my Ausclan guild saw my other post and have removed me from the guild...
    Thanks for answering. 
  • OK, cool! If you emailed Player Support already from the game's Help Center they will then help you out shortly with this. 

  • i love the game
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