Changes to Gold and Hero modes - 21-Feb

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We have made these changes in the game - because they're direct changes and not part of the patch process, I don't have patch notes, but they're important enough that I wanted to post something!

We have made a change to how gold flows to you, and when that flow happens over the course of your journey through Solgard.

Our original design relied heavily on the Campaign mode, and we want to shift that focus to the repeatable Bounties and Treasure Hunts. By shifting the gold from the Campaign (reducing gold in the level/chest rewards in Worlds 2, 3, and 4) to the Bounties, it should have a minimal impact on our new friends still moving through the Campaign, and ease the pinch for our old friends.

Rare Bounties will see level reward increases of 25%. Epic, 50%. Legendary, 66%. Mythical, 25%. Chest for beating a Gang will see an increase somewhere between double and triple the old quantities.

Gold rewards from Rare, Epic, and Legendary Treasure Hunts will increase by 75%, and increase by 25% for the Mythical. Rewards for beating a tier for the first time will increase by 50% to 100%.

Finally, for players whose Hero Level is over 35, the Bounty and Treasure Hunt rewards have an additional extra boost.

Hero Challenge Changes
Effective as soon as the next Challenge starts (0500 CET on Saturday, 22-Feb), we are tuning the matchmaking parameters for Hero Challenge to where all players should be able to find opponents of a power level they can defeat at all stages of the Hero Challenge. (If you were lucky enough not to have this problem, you should not notice a change.)

Hero Arena
We heard the feedback about people feeling like they needed to deliberately lose, because the top rewards in lower leagues were better than the lower rewards in higher leagues...which of course meant people in lower leagues got locked out of the top prizes in their league! We hope this addresses that madness.

These things kick in with the next Hero Arena season:
  • We have adjusted the requirements for shifting between leagues, to make sure staying in a league appropriate to your power level is more rewarding than dropping down. Then, we’re overhauling those rewards.
  • Victory awards (those awarded via milestones on the progress bar) in the lower leagues (Apprentice through Expert II) have been improved.
  • The score required to reach all the milestone rewards has been slightly reduced. The improved win rate, together with reduced score requirements, are expected to increase the rewards obtained from Hero Challenge for most players.
  • We have changed the reward levels so that the lowest reward in a higher league is better than the highest reward in a lower league. In Legend League, this means the rewards for every position below third place will be better. In Grandmaster III, we’ve reduced the rewards for the top ten, but increased the rewards for everyone else. Grandmaster II sees the most changes, with big reductions for the top ten (no way to soft pedal that, sorry) and small reductions for the top 500. Below that will see an improvement.
  • Finally, the reward contents have been changed. We want to increase the amount of currency players can be earning from Hero Arena early on. We are increasing Epic Hero Arena currency rewards in all leagues, particularly early on. All leaderboard positions in the season end rewards now also include an amount of gems in addition to Hero Arena currency and chest keys.
  • As players move up the leagues, their rewards start shifting towards Legendary and Mythical currency. We would like players to continue to be able to use Epic and Legendary currency on a regular basis, and are therefore significantly increasing the rewards in Grandmaster I and above.

    TLDR: Being in your proper league for your power, should, once taking into account your daily rewards and milestones as well as the end of season rewards, be more rewarding than ever before. As with all things in the living world of Solgard, we are always watching and making adjustments, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you’ve given this stuff a test drive.


  • Yay, I didn't know about this until today. I managed to get past tier 3 for the first time ever!
  • Arena benefits have been cut so much that there is no incentive to play. Originally the welfare of this game is little, how to play after so cut?
  • thank you re. Hero challenge.  It is actually now quite pleasant to play.    I was dreading it every day before the change.   The added coin flow is also a HUGE relief. =)
  • The changes made to the Hero Arena rewards, which everyone is focusing on, really do not address the real issue, which is there are now so many high ranking players in the game that there is nowhere for them to go.  The Legends League was put in place long before everyone got lots of conversion coins and before Mythics.  Those events swelled the number of players with high powered teams, far above the number of players envisioned for the Legend League.  What’s the solution?  Add more levels above the Legends League, with appropriate rewards.  Give your higher power players a place to grow into, just like the lower level newer players have 8 levels to go through before getting to Grand Master I.  Don’t push more players into a filled to capacity league where they will struggle to even stay in the top 300.  That’s just not fun, nobody wants to lose all the time.
  • I would like to strongly support Simba's comments above.  Some new levels would certainly ease the population pressure.
  • What about the way way idol molds are given at random in the underworld. Like a way to up grade said idols level once crafted. Plus just swapping without need for hammers would be amazing 
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