No answer from the support

I had two questions to the support. One question was solved in one contact, the second however was not;

That was concerning a possible bug, where my  Campaign battles do not change status to Heroic Effort once they are completed.

I have completed the whole campaign but the battles are not changing status to Heroic.

The response I received was not only faulty but essentially patronising TBH... I followed up with more information  and additional queries that were responded with the "rate the support" e-mail.

So, what is your advice in this matter Official Forum??? My rating f the support is currently on a big MINUS.


  • Hi Zuza, I think this is a misunderstanding. The battles are not changing at all when you replay them. They are just called Heroic Effort. You need to replay certain levels for your daily chest and these level are called Heroic effort. These are the levels that look pink when you go to Campaign mode.
  • Hi @Zuza !
    After you complete a campaign mode that has the gold frame around the level, you actually have to play that level one more time in order to change its status.
    The fact that it can be replayed at all is what makes it a Heroic level! 
  • I  love  this game it's so awesome. 
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