Hero challenge

It would be more interesting if you could change your "Hero challenge" a little bit. 
You can by category or levels. 
Start with "common hero" after "rare hero", "Epic hero", "legendary hero" etc.
Because of the evolution of heroes, common hero and rare hero are useless. I don't get near wherei can play with them. 
Everyone starts with "legendary hero" 
If the battle starts with "common hero" the next all of the scores to play with "rare hero" if the heroes are unable to reach that score so you can't move on, it gets harder. In this way, it forces you to evolve your heroes. So let's consume more time and money. 😁


  • Ever since the big change last summer, and this more popped up, there are two suggestions for changes that keep popping up:
    1) Rarity. Tier one able to use up to Rare, tier two up to Epic, tier three up to Legendary, and four up to Mythic
    2) Power-cap. For example tier one up to 10k, then 15k, then 20k, and final unlimited

    Advantage of the first: Simple
    Advantage of the second: More space for  unusual combinations

    I am not yet giving up hope that one of these types will happen, but...
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