BSG75: Galactica ( BQFJB ) Introduction and Recruiting Prerequisites ( 35+ players )

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**  Beginning message transmission  **

Hello fellow Solgardians , this is Francis (lvl41) former officer of Event Horizon (#34) and RedDragonsSPG of the SPG alliance.
This is a call to arms.

Starting on Season 34 , a new guild was launched by me, named " BSG75: Galactica".

Our journey will start from point zero and will take us at least to rank 25 the soonest possible.
There is a small risk involved if you decide to leave your guild but i hope that the thrill of being a part of something new and independent will compensate that.
If you are a veteran player disappointed with the politics top guilds are involved in or just want to do a fresh start and support a new guild in beating the game this is the place for you.

Guild TAG is BQFJB
Buff Level is 10 so dont worry about your bonuses ;)

This is the link to our official discord channel :

Starting on S35 the guild crew will consist of 6 more members, on a total of 9 , with levels ranging from 36-41+. We finished 720th on S34 with a skeleton crew of just 3 people, so you can realize how much we will accomplish once we get 20/20.

This is our mission statement :

We are BSG75: Galactica starting our journey to the Solgardian Realm aiming to hit top 25 the soonest possible with the best possible crew from all guilds and alliances.

We are not part of any alliance nor will we ever be.

We will not participate in any politics alliances use to do nor will we play by their rules.

We are autonomous , independent, we are the underdog.

We know the game and how to master it.

We Are Galactica. The One of many to follow.. so say we all.

By joining you only commit in being the best of You.We expect nothing less than the best of you.

Our Discord is open to all potential recruits who meet the :

  1. Recruitment Prerequisites listed below.

  2. Vacancy Description listed in the VACANCIES section. We have 3 tiers depending on players level and creature portfolio. Please make sure to check them all.

As a guild member you will have unlimited access to all hints and tricks of the game, along with strategy guidelines, tools to make this experience a unique and enjoyable one and some other goodies that will help you overcome yourself and truly improve your game.

In order for anyone to be eligible to join our guild the below RECRUITMENT PREREQUISITES MUST be met:

  • Be an active player, do the daily dungeon attacks.

  • Be a 35+ level player.(16.000+)

  • Contribute daily to the guilds boosts and the daily 150G donation.

  • Use Telegram app , since all of our communication is handled solely through Telegram.

  • Be a passionate, loyal and committed player.

  • Follow strategy and be a team player.

  • Have a sense of humor and a lot of spare pairs of underwear cause you are in for a wild ride.

Ps : We are not nor will we ever be a military camp like many top guilds are, we are competitive, but enjoy the game and most of all our personal lifes.

This is just a game. And we are just a spaceship venturing through the Solgardian abyss. :)

** end of transmission **

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