Bearserker not available

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In game it says Bearserker is able to be purchased through the hero shop. I go to the  Hero Shop by clicking the go button and he is not listed in the list.

Hope this helps. 


  • It wii become available after the start of the next blot which is what happened with the last set of creatures 
  • it is still a bug because it says it says you can purchase it when you cannot...... ...

    proper coding would not even show it as purchasable or would show a timer countdown when it can be purchased. 
  • Hi @CNDNMade

    It's not a bug, it's like @sonja says. 

    Some creatures are not always available to get in the game therefore you can get lost when trying to purchase them.

    Simply keep an eye in the game since they pop up once and awhile.  
  • CNDNMade, another clue is the locked lock. :)
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