Games crashes nonstop

Hi Folks,

I really like this game, but right now the game crashes so often, its hard to play it :(

As i started some weeks ago, the gae crashes one times a week, but now it crashes like all 5minutes most times:(

And i dont know why...

The game crashes at the menue, during battles, or at loading screen, so at every possible time...

How to fight guild bosses with 2 fights a day if both crashes?

the fights are gone and i made 0(zero) damage!


I'm using the latest Version on my LG Spirit 4G LTE and i play in german.

All other apps are workings fine, so i think the problem MUST be at solgard. But i LOVE this game and already nearly level 18, so i dont want to give it up and search a new game.

PLEASE HELP somehow.

Thanks guys!

Here's my Player ID: 5c256a1b-7d4c-4178-8c09-e5c9d5ed2808

Nickname: Amostephil


If you need more information, tell me which you need. I try to read here multiple times a day.

PS: the game even crashed two times when i was writign down the Player ID oO


  • Hi Amostephil,

    Thanks for providing a lot of details. It makes it easier to help you out.

    I have a a follow up question:

    Did the crashing happen after you upgraded to the latest version of Solgard or did this happen a while after you updated the game?

    I've checked up on the specs for your LG and there might be a bottleneck with the Internal RAM (especially if you have the phone upgraded to Android Marshmallow) - your LG only has 1GB of Internal RAM to share with the OS, running apps and Solgard. External RAM is where you normally store apps and data content and can be expanded but in this case my first guess it's the fixed Internal RAM that is insufficient.

    I suggest you try closing down any apps running in the background before starting the game. This might help releasing more ressources to the game.

    Please also try clearing the cache for Solgard. Go into the App settings, choose storage and from here you can clear the cache.

    - Mark

  • Yeah thanks for your answer, i already tried to close all apps before running solgard and i helped a bit, but sometimes i still have crashes.

    Also the last update some days ago helped alot i think, after that the game dont crahses more often than other apps, so i think my smartphone i just not good enough to run the game perfectly.

    Right now i can play "okay" with only 1 or 2 crashes a day, so "all fine" :)


  • Hi there Amostephil!

    Good to hear your phone is running better : )

    I forgot to mention that you might be able to squeeze a bit more performance out of the LG Spirit by un-installing apps that automatically runs in the background (even though you close them down they'll still load and run in the background)

    Some example of apps that uses resources: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsUp, Telegram. I think you can squeeze most performance out of the phone by removing the Facebook app. Try using Swipe instead and you should now have a bit more ressource to run Solgard smoothly : )

  • yeah, i already deleted apps i dont want to use and from the ones you told me to look for is whats up the only one i'm using.

    i never had or will have the facebook app, because i dont have a facebook account (yeah, there are stil people without FB out there:P)

    I only made an account to sign in your forum here^^

    But thanks for the advice, i think i got the message

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