We're rolling out the next update! 17-January

We have rolled this out to a percentage of our Android players for testing. I have been told that Rotbite should appear on Sunday's Hero Challenge whether or not you have the update. Please let me know right away if that's not the case, okay? I would appreciate it.

Muninn Blót

The Muninn Blót begins on 26 January. The creatures you can win are:

Muninn: A purple mythical support critter

Silvertail: A red legendary attack critter

Warulf: A yellow legendary attack critter

Stoutshell: A green rare defense beast

(Silvertail is our #yearoftherat creature, by the way.)

You can also win our old friends Decaptain and Shroomling.

Featured creatures in HC are, in weekly order, Rotbite, Land Wyrm, Raven Master, Wyrm Wrangler.

Creature Changes

Combined Pyroon and Fire Striders will no longer take damage from fire in their spaces.

Moon Mage will do one more round of collecting unmatched units right before she attacks, making her more versatile and easy to use. However, the change did cause a need to lower the amount of power she receives from each absorbed creature. She has also got a slightly lower growth in her Stats, which has been moved to fuse and sync.

Vinebeard will now properly prioritize attacking enemies that are just appearing.

Starting next week, Thor gems will be in the Mythical Hero Arena shop, Decaptain gems will be in the Mythical Hero Challenge Shop, and Bone Juggler gems in the Mythical Treasure Caves shop. Well Dweller and Potstomp will be raidable, so check their creature cards for details!

UI Fixes and Changes

  • Increased size and put in a new font color on guild chat.

Bug Fixes

  • When autoplaying in the Treasure Caves, the AI will now properly use Embla’s spear.


  • Thanks for new rollout. Is an improvement. however, bug with trying to obtain treasure cave legendary runes. 
  • edited January 21
    Loving the gem mining availability in Collections... if you would add a couple more 0's like you did with the past Underworld upgrade, it would be greatly appreciated.. less than 100 gold doesn't go very far with the current cost to rank up a creature.  Would also love to be able to mine more of the new Creatures.. am I asking too much all at once?!? lol

    So frustrating... done this 3 times... Not one single usable gem, all creatures maxxed, just need Dunder (one more circle, less than 100 gems) and Blazelin... can you add Blazelin to these chests, pretty please?   

    Thanks for listening @RatatoskTheSquirrel and Snowprint 😃
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