Heroix mode and attack perfect?

how do you complete the perfect invasion and heroic effort? help me


  • Hi Gforce. Could you please describe what you mean by the events perfect invasion and heroic effort.  
       If you hero arena = heroic effort, then woe be unto thee cuz fate is not on thee side from my crystal ball reading.  All wee warriors just keep fighting ignoring the defeats since the gods will eventually feel sorry for thee and provide thee with a win.  At end hero arena season, the gods will move you down if fate has been unkind to thee or up a level if fate has been on your side. We with feeble hearts have found that placing game on speed 4x and using auto play keeps ones heart content. 
  • I believe what you are talking about is the daily quests.
    For "perfect...", go to any of the Heroic stages in the campaign. Use raidticket to Autowin.
    For the other, complete any additional Heroic stages until you've completed the 5 needed. The one you use raidticket for is included. Should you have a surplus of tickets then you may want to use some more, but probably only after you have 20+ on stock
  • I have 14 raid tickets
  • I have 14 raid tickets
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