BERSERKERZ - a young guild for beginners looking for teammates!

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Berserkerz Guild is supported by veteran players from a top 100 Guild!

I "inherited" an inactive guild and would love to build a lasting team for enthusiastic players!

Current stats (January 14)

  • Affiliation: International guild (English required)
  • Guild Leader: #Zuza
  • Players: 6
  • Buff Level: 4
  • Advancement: Boss 3/3 Muspelheim
  • Member Min. Level: No limitation

I'm looking for teammates who play daily and are ready to donate at least 50 gold daily to contribute to our strength as a team.

I also would like all players to join our own guild chat on Slack, where we post strategy, provide support and share tips and tricks for the game overall.

If you find it interesting - don't hesitate to join! You can also drop me a message if you have any questions.

Join Berserkerz at #XPQSI

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