IDOLS need ReVamping

Devs.  There needs to be a better way to obtain higher level idols than just pure non-luck (ie predetermined game fate).  It is very discouraging to continue to win useless level 2 idols when ones Avatar is close to level 40.  Other players have made suggestions in past which you have ignored, but now should be devs priority.  I am getting close to my 3rd year anniversary playing this game that is really getting boring and too much a carousel going no where.  

Players  need to be able to combine  ( perhaps completed ) lower level idols to make higher level idol up to certain max level dependent on players Avatar level (on a range).


  • Strongly agree! 
  • Progress in the game should not be stagnant like this. Plainly a long term player such as yourself is a resource that should not be ignored. They should be asking you for inspiration. Keep coming up with suggestions and they may start listening.

  • You get those lv 2 idols to create and dismantle, in order to receive cores of the next level up. It's cheaper to make a lower level idols and get next level cores than it is to buy those cores outright.
  • a dozen cores do me no good if there is no idol I would use on any of the tiers!   I have no use as a level 41 player for level 2 molds on anything but Mythicals, and then only for a short time if ever.   And I cannot make them into anything else.          I wonder if changing a common idol to a rare core, to a rare idol, to an epic core, to an epic idol, to a legendary core, to an legendary idol, to a Mythical core is truly 'cheaper'. Than just playing a few days of underworld and buying the Mythical core?
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    Colette us correct. I have been chasing 5 more Level 7 Epic Sun Idols for a long time. All my epics have level 7 moon and the sun are all level 5 so getting level 2-3 is just a waste. Right now I have over 200 Legendary cores I can't do anything with because I need vinnacite. I have 14 Legendary or Mythical Idols I cannot build because vinnacite is practically non-existent. 
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