Creature Evolution

I was thinking, it would pretty awesome if we had the ability to evolve our creatures to the next tier. For example, my Valkyrie is maxed on all fronts and I have collected an abundance of gems that are just stock piling. Why not create a way for them to go from Epic to Legendary and so on for all the classes? It would be a way for us to bring some of our favorites along the journey with us, as well as the ability to utilize our beloved favorites in the heaviest arenas of battle. Just a thought!!


  • Although it is a good thought, it would not be practical due to one is limited in which critters one can play for various events and especially guild boss.  Devs could offer various weapons or clothes that boost ones critters.  My critters are tired of wearing the same old clothes that haven’t been laundered. LOL. 
  • I'm totally agree whit you abaut the clothes accessories
  • Gostaria de sugerir que não fosse mais fornecido gemas para criaturas que atingiram o seu máximo. Um desperdício de tempo jogando, o que faz com que mais pessoas deixem de jogar. Ou então, poderíamos trocar as gemas de criaturas quer estão no máximo na aba de conversão.
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