Top 20 Guild Eliet is looking for one new teammate.

One of our teammates unfortunately lost his game account due to the last update. With a heavy heart we now have to replace him.

So if you are an active level 36+ player with well developed dungeon teams, are able to follow strategy (in English) and like to be part of a friendly and communicatively guild, come and join us at our Discord server!

We are a bunch of players from all over the world. We are lucky to have one of the nicest guild leaders you can imagine. We are nice and friendly, and of course try to help each other to grow stronger as individual players as well as guild. And not to forget, we are independent, what adds a lot to our charm.

Eliet Discord server:


  • If you come to us before the end of the season, you may also benefit from the better reward chest.
  • If you are looking for us in the game using the search function (ID: #QSFWY), you will see that we are currently complete. A place will be vacant tomorrow in the course of the day.
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