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RedditUnited, RedditAcademy, TheUprising, Hels Fury, GreenestGrass and RedditFoundation cordially invite you to come KICK SOME ICE!!

Consistently placing in the top 5, top 15 and top 20, Reddits strengths are it's data driven strategies, team based leadership and it's unmatched community support. 
With over 400 members in both our public and private channels,  our discord is the largest active community in all of Solgard.
All are welcome,  anytime.

If you'd like to apply to the Reddit family of  guilds , please stop on by our town hall ( and look for Momertha..... 
(she's the one with the cookies!)

As a guide the minimum levels and guild tags are below

United             level 39      #DAYAR
Academy        level 38      #EQJKV
Uprising          level 37      #OEBHP
Hels Fury        level 36      #OVQSM
Green              level 35      #IWGBG
Foundation.    level 32     #QHTGG
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