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OUR youngest guild has made a huge leap from the 200s to finish at top 65 last season. Now with a few spots available on the team we are looking to recruit strong players to help us push through the to the top 50. We are ready if you are! 

Come and join us in the fight to the top if you think you have what it takes. As a part of the Alchimisti group we will be offering training info from from some of the finest players in the competition. Many have played at the highest levels and have a wealth of experience to give advice, tips and tricks. There is also help at individual levels with upgrading and coaching. 

Alchimistici wants you to be a part of the team if you have strong skills developing and are about rank 34 or higher. You have a good maxed boss team across rarities and a few in each category almost ready to max for crystal bossing. For legends we require at mininimum mostly rank 8-9 with close to 6/6 skills and idoled. Any mythicals will be a definite plus. 

The greatest thing you will bring to the team is a strong desire to succeed with us and you will be someone who wants to be involved and a very active player. This is what we really require to take our spot on the leaderboard! Top 50 here we come...

Please apply via line chat app. Once joined search for line id - Luciferlos and start a chat.

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