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We have 3 teams created in our group and we are not an alliance. You can play in our top 5-10 team Alchimisti by strength or progression if desired. Top 14 Next Alchimisti is on the rise. And our training guild Alchimistici for up and coming players.

Current spots in Next Alchimisti - If you’re a rank 36+ STRONG PLAYER with a creature roster that will dazzle us - maxed legendaries mostly at 9 skills + mythicals (min of 1-2 dungeon ready). 

OR Alchimistici rank 34+ see our seperate ad below for criteria.

WHAT KIND OF PLAYERS will want to grab a spot at Alchimisti? 

BUSY ONES!! ... but who are still top end players. Or just EXCELLENT ONES!! That’s what you find here

We are QUITE UNIQUE among the top 25 teams as we have developed a specialised system of war rooms where attacks are directed - this allows us to cater to top level players who DO NOT HAVE TIME required by top 25 teams. So if you’re a big boss hitter falling short of this, then we are just the right fit for you. 

Or really active players can choose to chat or be more involved. There is always someone around to talk or help. Line chat app is a must. 

Our players are long term and think of us as a close little family. We are dedicated to our players stress free gaming and try not to interfere with your job or family. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way.

Just bring your love of the game and strong skills and you will enjoy a low pressure but still highly competitive team to play with. 

To apply download line chat app and use link below to get elissabella lucifer or dahkir

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