Hero Challenge blitz confusion

didn’t we use to get runnin in the rewards chest not a common rune


  • I also noticed that there are no runins to win. Not that I got them anyway.

  • The rewards for hero arena and hero challenge are massively screwed up.

    For example, the 29 win chest & 55 win chest in arena (these are all creature gems, by the way):
    29 Wins: 2-3 mythical, legendary, epic
    55 Wins: 1-2 mythical, 3-4 legendary & epic

    So I get LESS mythical if am "lucky" enough to land on mythical and possibly equal or only 1 more of legendary or epic. That is just pure junk for that insane amount of wins in Hero Arena. It should be 4-5 mythical AT LEAST for getting that far and then like 10-15 legendary, no epics. It's gotta be an insanely low number of people that get that far. So many rewards in hero area almost incentivize doing worse than doing better (definitely the case in terms of final rewards for the tier you're in for arena) and it's better to get to high as you can without losing a match in challenge then lose on purpose using your junk creatures back to tier 1 before going for wins again to get the points multiplier bonus for consecutive wins. Very frustrating to win so much more and barely get anything extra for it, or even get a lesser reward for it than you would have for winning half as much. 
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