Heros arena: own figures are getting attacked

I installed the latest update yesterday. I am not stand a chance since then while playing heros arena - legends league. I combine my creatures and I am getting attacked. I combine them and their strength decreases. Has anybody noticed the same?


  • Could you describe more in detail?
    - What team do you use?
    - Is the effect the same even when changing team?
    - Who do the opponent use?
    - Is it always the same or only when facing certain teams?
    (For example what I'm wondering is if maybe attacks such as Vinebeard's auto-counter appears invisible to you)
  • I am always using the same team. Not sure about their english names. In German they are: Totenritter, Donnerhuf, Rankenbart, Rabenmeister. I did a combination of the Totenritter. One was already combined and I placed two additional behind. It got a strength of four ( much too less), it did not attack instead it collapsed and died.  I also created a barrier out of 3 Rabenmeister in a row. Instead of attacking the other player the others player Rabenmeister and Rankenbart created an barrier and I was attacked. Before tue update I was at rank 400-500 in my league. I was more or less without any chance after the update. It is just frustrating.  I installed the latest update today. The heroes challange was reset after that. The runin for increasing the strength of legendary creatures changed also. It was a hildur runin before the update. I collected runins during the latest event. They are now useless. That all is just annoying.
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