Creating a World Series of LOS

edited December 2019 in Ideas
I always hear the Squirrel talking about newbies and how hard it is for them to catch up with top players.   Have you ever thought about having a grand opening of a 2nd version of LOS?  Nothing different between the two games,  but merely the creation of a New LOS where anyone can begin again,  or begin for the 1st time.    The game play would be exactly as the first,  but a whole new 'reboot'  of LOS, call it LOSII,  then after a year, start LOSIII,  and maybe LOSIV.   Then have a unified World SERIES of LOS between the different worlds.  Where they are linked to compete with each other's guilds in Hero Arena format, ranked by Guild, the best guild wins the World Series of LOS in a Stanley Cup playoff format. 
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