How to get mythic guild tokens

My guild ends defeating all bosses but the very last one every season and I do not get a single mythic token to spend in the guild shop and just a handful of legendary ones. How do you get those? Praying?


  • TT-Nut, what ranking is your guild at end of season determines guildmates potential winnings. I have not looked at winning loot ranking for awhile now, but I agree that at least top 300-200 should win at least 1 mythical gem while 199-100 win 2 mythical gems and 99-50 win 3 mythical gems. 
  • You get guild mythical tokens when you reach the second round of the bosses in the rewards chest the more second round bosses you defeat the higher the tokens reward
  • Thanks for the replies, my guild is around 250-300 in ranking. So it looks like it is way easier to get mythical gems in the Heroes Arena than in Guild one. Good to know to choose in which mythical creature I should invest as I will probably never get enough mythical guild gems to buy anything. 
  • TT, the Dungeons are not the place to get any significant mythic gems.  My guild beat the first 3 bosses the second time around and I got 35 mythic coins for each win.  So, 105 mythic coins towards the 455 coins needed to get you 3 mythic gems is not a very good reward.  Unless you are in a top 50 guild, whose members get lots of mythic gems, just play in the guild for the enjoyment and comaraderie, not the rewards.
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