We would like a chat in the basement so much. The recent activity can be put in a corner in the form of a button like the casket of daily missions. For us it would be really useful, we'll see what other players think ... Somewhere here in the forum we also wrote something about global chat a while ago, but we don't remember whether in positive or negative ... However, right now we think that if there was in Solgard it would end up the same as Clash of Clans : it would be used to write idiocy, insults and more and the developers would be forced to eliminate it! Too bad because it was designed to recruit but the rudeness of the players brought it all to this result. In our opinion, a recruitment chat would only serve to mess things up! Rather, the guild search option should be more detailed; in addition to nationality, there should be power, status in the rankings and number of components, so it would be safe and you should not stay 3 hours looking for a suitable guild! Please write us what you think of all this.
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