How to farm legend sun gems

I’m level 30 but I don’t even have a full set of legend creatures. Those that I have are at level 1 only. I see others my level and lower already have full set of level 4+ legend creatures. I do dailies but it’s very slow to get from treasure caves and guild shop. Am I missing something? Please help. 


  • Helheim is the level to farm legendaries...levels 125 (Sunblade), 135 (wink), 145 (moon), 155 (wyrm), with 130, 140, and 150 giving a variety of legendary gems too.  Of course, you must beat the level a second time to start farming, but then you should get 3 gems per level a day.  Good luck!
  • HA, HC and dungeon tokens will get you legendaries as well.
  • FARMING 3 legendary gems a day is crappy especially for a level 30 or higher player who will be six foot under before player ever gets to level 7. Especially since player also needs special abilities to be at 7 and need level 5 or greater idols to have any meaningful impact on damage guild boss. Devs need to increase daily farming gems to at least 9 per day!!!  
  • I think the game works best when you play all the modes. As LiquidMinstrel said, you get legendary gems also from other sources. You should not look at 1 mode alone and come to a conclusion for the whole game. I get most of my gems from the shops in the other modes. If just looking at farming, you are right. That takes ages for any meaningful results.
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