ComancheFlight wants YOU to join the Blood Community and play in a guild with me.

Hello ALL

I personally want to invite players into The Blood Community’s two newest guilds, Blood Evolution and Northern Lights. 

The main requirement for joining these guilds is you Must be active in game and on our discord server. Communication is key for winning and learning, and we want players that are hungry to learn from some of the top players in the game. 

For Blood Evolution their is no Minimum Level. The guild tag is UVQKN, we welcome any one that wants to come learn the fundamentals and develop into a competitor at the highest levels.

For Northern Lights, the guild tag is XMIEA, The minimum level is 30. Joining this guild is the last stop on the path into our top guilds. 

So, Come Join us and learn from me, ComancheFlight, (my alt account Hammer LvL 35, is leading Northern Lights), and the other members of Blood Dragon, Blood Moon, Blood on Arrival, and BeachBoys. We welcome all active players willing to join, communicate, and learn.
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