TOP 25 GUILD looking for players.

>>> So WHAT KIND OF PLAYERS will want to grab a spot at Eliet while we have some available x2 spots?

If you’re a rank 36+ STRONG PLAYER with a creature roster that will dazzle us - maxed legendaries and min mix of 6/9 skills +  mythicals must be at minimum almost ready for dungeon .... we need you now!

Do you love to chat and spend a lot of time socialising and contributing to your team? We are looking for SUPER ACTIVE players to add a solid presence in our newly buzzing discord. 

We are NOT seeking players who DO NOT HAVE TIME to dedicate to top 25 competition level.  

Just bring  your love of the game, good availability and enjoyment of  being part of a really cool team. 

Are you currently in a guild around the 50s -100s and find that you are more keen and love the challenge of competition more than your not very active guildmates? 

Do you have good knowledge of gameplay mechanics and know that strategy is the key to progress .... but your guildies just charge like a bunch of bananas
doing rogue attacks and wasting damage?

If you’re  getting over getting nowhere and  have been thinking of taking your massive boss damages to a better place where it counts .... DO IT NOW! UPLEVEL! 
Or downlevel - just bring it to Eliet!

See the discord link below for more details or just come and join the Eliet discord server to apply via this link. 

[Team Eliet discord server](


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