Progress lost

I spent $2000 on  this game. I was doing well, but when I got a new phone, all my progress was lost. I have tried multiple times to contact Game support and king over the past several days with no reply. 


  • Did you change from Android to iOS or vice versa? Then you're put of luck, salt. If new service is same system as previous then it should be possible to restore.
  • It’s all the same. 
  • I downloaded empires and puzzles prior to my new phone. I didn’t lose any progress in that game 
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    I have the same problem. I switched from an IPhone 7 Plus to an IPhone X Max  but my progress won’t reload despite my Game Center information being correctly on both my old phone and new phone. Every game I’ve transferred has worked except for Solgard and i really don’t wanna lose all I’ve invest into this game >_<
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    Have you been able to get them to respond to you?
  • Hi weapon1987! Our Player Support have responded and sent you an email. Please check your junk mail if you haven't received anything from them in your inbox. 
  • Nope. i've sent an email to them but havent heard anything. 
  • I was level 36 before the game always crashed while loading. So I reinstall the game but now I'm level 3 and lost all. I spent a lot of money and now this. What I do now? This is a bit of sh..
  • Hi I had a similar situation this week game crashed an lost all progress and was in a strong guild which I don’t get back soon I will be booted. I sent an email to support but no answer yet. Was on level 36 as well
  • Lost mine yesterday. Gamecenter apparently took a nap after the revamp in July so when I had to re install I’m back to lvl 10 and all creatures are lvl 1. It’s like the revamp just happened again only this time there were no conversion tokens. I was lvl 36 just got bellowkin after grinding him out for 6 months.... lost a lvl 5 greenguard as well.
  • IPad updated and Game Center all of sudden activated in in game and logged in with my iPhone game. Lost 36 level progress and need to get it restored 
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