BLØØD DRAGØN - Recruiting 1 Player!

Hello Everyone, BLØØD DRAGØN: Ranked (#1) -  Part of the BLØØD-Community is Recruiting 1 Player!

A Long time player is retiring at end of season, and we're looking for another player to come join us for many seasons to come!

- Level 37 (Level is flexible and collection can be reviewed.)
- Developed and Diversified Collection with Idols Slotted 
- Someone Excited about the Game Play and Eager to Learn... You'll be learning a lot!
- Social Person able to join our Discord Community. This is an essential key for communication.
- MUST use Discord - This is a requirement!
- Primarily English speaking for communication

We've got a super close tight group of players who really dive deep into the game and have been playing together for a long time. Our goal is to have fun while playing at a very high competitive level together, so we really want to find a great culture fit too. 

If you want to apply, Please reach out to me here! Shoot me a Direct Message!
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