November Update Beginning to Roll Out

We've started rolling out the next update on Android. (I always feel slightly like an actual squirrel with these partial rollouts, testing the branch with one paw to make sure it holds before putting my whole body on the line.) If all goes well, everyone should have it by tomorrow, so wish us luck and thank your early adopter friends for their help!

Here are the notes:

* New BlótFestival event is in the queue, featuring everyone's favorite eldritch horror: Kraken! The event is currently scheduled to kick off on 17-November.

* New Featured Creature: Rock Gronch will be the first boosted creature in the Kraken Blót, so if you still need to improve him, he’s featured in your Hero Challenge this week. The way it should work is that everyone should finish this HC season as normal, and he should be featured in the season starting on Wednesday. (And if you’re curious, the next three featured creatures will be, in order, Foulsprite, Vinebeard, and Sun Blade.)

* New creatures: Blazelin (rare), Grizzletoof (legendary), Wispwight (legendary), Kraken (mythical) and Elderling (mythical) have been added to the game. Kraken is an apparition and will act as the face of the next festival event, as Thor was before him.

* The Kraken Blót will feature a reduced creature timer, from 12 hours down to 9.

* Multiple areas of the UI have been improved and display bugs fixed — no more weird overlay issues, we hope! Two other examples:

* There is now little plate saying "max level" under any max level creatures, celebrating the achievement of reaching max level and filling all gem slots on any given creature. (Maxing out Abilities / equipping idols are not necessary for this to show up - this is just about sun gems.) “Excess” gems are no longer displayed on the collection screen, but we haven’t taken them away, since you might need them again someday.

* You will now see how your creatures contribute to your hero stats as you select them in the pre-fight menu.

* We've upgraded our game engine, to comply with new platform requirements. You shouldn’t notice anything, TBH — I mention it because it’s the kind of project that takes a lot of time behind the scenes and it accounted for a lot of our time in the last update cycle ;)

* As with every update, we’ve done some optimizing to make the game more compatible with lower end devices.

* Bug fixes, behind the scene stuff.


  • Looking forward to the artwork.
  • Woohoo! I was already missing the Blot festival. It was fun.

  • @RatatoskTheSquirrel I'm hoping you can help with a couple quick clarifications - when exactly are the previous festival's creats like Potstomp going to be available through campaign / caves etc, will they be added to chests at the same time, and is there going to be a patch pushed to make that change happen or is it all server-side?

    Thanks so much for your time, I'm loving the update and the new festival...though I guess I'm a little biased since Rock Gronchkowski is my favorite creature ever.
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