Gold woes

Anyone else find that the lack of a healthy gold economy is somewhat game limiting? I have enough of the various types of keys to open about 150 chests, but it is pointless as I already have enough creature gems to upgrade many of my guys. Opening the chests would just further exacerbate the gold bottleneck. I buy the max amount of diamonds each day from the shop, and spend them all on gold boxes. I play all my various turns in the different game modes. But there is no way for me to possibly keep up with gold costs, which at this stage is a game breaking limitation. 

There has to be an incentive to use real currency to support the game, I understand this imperative of course. If a free to play player can max everything in a matter of months, that would be death for the game. I'm ok with the idea that a FTP would take literally years to compete with the whales, but FTP engagement is AS important as the spenders, because the vast predominance of the playerbase of these games will always be FTP, they are what create the environment for the cash whales to flex. 

At this point (level 6-7 legends for me), game progression is effectively snail pace and will only get worse as I progress, but the painful part of this is that there is no optimisation route to relieve the gold issue, and so many of the game types become pointless because they in no way lead to gold, just more and more creature gems which are irrelevant. Creature gems HAVE to be the bottleneck to progression else various game systems break down and FTPs disengage and go elsewhere. 

Be interested to hear alternate perspectives on this, from FTPs and spenders alike. 


  • There are multiple bottlenecks in the game, gold is definitely the one players feel the most. The other two are the vinnicite for making idols, and runins for boosting creature skills of epic, legendary, and mythics. The devs have done a great job of making almost everything accessible and farmable, but the gold seems to be the biggest issue. I wish they would adjust the subscription to make it more appealing to get a sufficient quantity of gold from it. If that were the case, I would get the subscription in a heartbeat. As it is I am F2P since just before the revamp (I was subscription for many months) and just don't see anything that would bring me to spend the ridiculous amounts of real money to purchase, since most in-game prices are astronomical when converted to actual money.
  • Yeah, the vinnacites and Runins etc, I feel those bottlenecks also. But similar to the obvious "must get sun gems" bottleneck, they feel manageable, incremental and actively power gameplay / progression. My epic lineup are all maxed as far as they can go, just waiting for those special resources to up the skills etc. I'm fine with this. The gold however, is an entirely different kind of bottleneck. Gold comes largely through gameplay osmosis, there is no obvious optimisation we can undertake to get extra gold, which makes it... the opposite of a gameplay catalyst. 

    There are players (the significant predominance) that will never spend a single penny (insert your local currency) on this game, and they are still critical to the success of the game. As far as I see, the best way to make keep the bottlenecks where they should be is to add gold either to the keyed boxes, or add more diamonds to the various game shops, so that there isn't necessarily more resources in the game, but just more options on how to spend the resources that you accrue. So, instead of buying ever more sun gems with your treasure caves currency, you can buy diamonds, or even gold directly (they are basically the same thing as it stands). 
  • The grand chest is the only keyed chest that contains gold, along with gems and other needed items. In your original post you stated that you have enough keys to open "150 chests" out of that how many of those chests are for the grand chest that will help give you your much needed gold?

    Every Tuesday and over the weekend in the blot festival there are bounty you can gather for gold and the treasure hunts are also a good source of gold.
  • Up to about 170 keyed chests now, 13 of those are grand chests, and I of course had noticed that there is gold available in those, but the amount is insignificant. The weighted average is somewhere around 6K I guess, so if I opened all of them I could maybe afford a single upgrade on my biggest legend. But that's many months of grand keys saved up, and the massive weight of sun gems in that many chests would exacerbate my gold woes rather than soothe them. Ie even further behind from being able to upgrade the sun gems I have waiting... I likely have around 100 troop upgrades waiting for me across the whole set. On top of that would be the massive skill upgrades - I have over 10000 epic dust saved up, but the gold cost would be..... significant. 

    I carry out all of the villain hunts, treasure hunts, etc, include those that are hidden away with the blot tab. Treasure hunts are essentially irrelevant at this stage, as most of us are, I am at the point where I cannot (reliably) win any levels I haven't already won... so yeah, they give me around 600 gold per hunt, and I can do maybe 3 a day... (no mythical lineup as yet)... this is part of the "gold by osmosis" that we all get drip fed... and it adds up, from the various sources... but it adds up to being vastly too little to even nearly keep pace with gold costs. 

    This game is at its best when you can explore the strength and depth of the creatures which aren't in your primary lineup at each rarity level. Using a poison lineup vs certain blot enemies, for example. Testing various fire synergies. Having a lineup for PVP, then a lineup for treasure caves, then another for boss battles...  But I can't keep up with upgrading even my primary lineup, so the other 66% of units in the game languish underlevelled and effectively unusable. Just seems like a big miss by the devs - the fun implicit in testing other rare troops in the rare treasure cave shouldn't be behind a paywall. 

    Games like this live or die on the size of the playerbase, if you focus on keeping / growing the playerbase, the monetisation will look after itself. I've been playing clash Royale for example for over 3 years, and over there guilds (clans) are 50 people strong as compared with 20 strong here, but the player turnover here is so much bigger. Of course, not every game is going to be as engaging / varied as every other.... and I am by no means saying the gold dead end is the only thing that turns people off, but I am confident it is a significant part of the issue. If progression stops being fluid or at least targetable (I.e. I can hope to get this runin in this chest / event), then whatever you are left with is pretty stale. At this stage there really is nothing I can do to improve my gold position... maybe I could just keep hoping for a big gold box pull.... once every 13 days. But with the odds so stacked against, is that really a fun mechanism to keep me engaged? 
  • Another thought. Maxing out your creature stacks is... problematic. When you have a creature that is getting near to max, there is a weird incentive to actively steer clear of getting anymore of that stack... ie you need 100 more land worms to max that epic, you could buy those 100 in one of the shops and get that final boost, but then the next 100 you get after that will be utterly wasted. They go nowhere, and give zero value. So at that point, the shop currency you spent was wasted, as you could have just.... not bought them, and got them for free soon thereafter from random chests. So finishing off a creature stack suddenly becomes something to avoid, which is again, a really poor player experience. 

    An alternative system would be to turn "excess" sun gems into some kind of nominal gold amount... maybe 1 gold per common, 5 per rare, maybe 20 or maybe 100 per epic, etc... the numbers aren't too important, they just need to somewhat scale with rarity. This very slightly alleviates the gold woes described above, but also allows players to actively max their stacks, rather than being plunged into a counter intuitive optimisation task of avoiding the very sun gems they want most. And then beyond that optimisation, it also allows some sense of reward for grabbing common gems when you are at the stage where all your commons are maxed. A similar system could be used for excess ability dust - maybe by making dust tradeable for other resources or simply sellable. I got tens of thousands of common dust, which I can never use. I'm sure others feel this same issue. 

    Again, I'm only talking about small nominal amounts of gold. Nothing economy breaking. And even though this thread is dedicated to gold woes / gold being a poor bottleneck from a gameplay perspective, I do think it should still be a limited resource. You don't want to be able to upgrade every troop instantly with reckless abandon. There still has to be a sense of choice. As mentioned before, I can currently not quite afford to up my primary squads for each rarity (I.e. about 33% of my troops)... if this could be moved to maybe 50-60% of upgrades affordable, my problem is solved. 
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