Game has started to crash on a semi regular basis

The game is crashing!  It has started to crash on my Samsung 7 just as I am starting my turn to attack.  Others in my guild are losing turns too due to this new issue.   


  • Have you tried reinstalling the app?

    Also made sure the phone's memory is not full or nearly full? 
  • I r century just started playing this on my IPad Mini 2, model ME278B/A. I have 24 Gb free out of 64 go.  This crashes a lot. By a lot I mean virtually every time I go from one menu to another. So if I goto click on collection or guild i get kicked out and back to me IPad icon screen and need to load up again losing stamina and prizes etc.  It is ruining my enjoyment of the game. I have the most recent update. I have not tried deleting and reinstalling for fear of losing my progress.  Please can you advise what I can do as it’s getting to the point I don’t feel like bothering now because I’m getting really annoyed. 
  • sounds to me like you do not have enough RAM.  I played on an iPad with 1 gb of RAM, and lots of free regular memory, it crashed all the time.  Now have an iPad with 2 gb of RAM, works fine.
  • If you have registered your game you can easily delete and re-install. Whatever got registered on the server you get back as soon as you connect to Google Play
  • I’ve been playing for well over a year and in the last 2 weeks the game has suddenly started crashing, never had problems before and as well as crashing when you press the dialogue button in the guild screen if you don’t write anything and cancel the dialogue box the game freezes and won’t let you do anything ,need to shutdown and restart
  • Game is crashing in middle of turns and making me lose tries on multiple modes
  • Yep, after November update crashes all the time. iPad.
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