Game has started to crash on a semi regular basis

The game is crashing!  It has started to crash on my Samsung 7 just as I am starting my turn to attack.  Others in my guild are losing turns too due to this new issue.   


  • Have you tried reinstalling the app?

    Also made sure the phone's memory is not full or nearly full? 
  • I r century just started playing this on my IPad Mini 2, model ME278B/A. I have 24 Gb free out of 64 go.  This crashes a lot. By a lot I mean virtually every time I go from one menu to another. So if I goto click on collection or guild i get kicked out and back to me IPad icon screen and need to load up again losing stamina and prizes etc.  It is ruining my enjoyment of the game. I have the most recent update. I have not tried deleting and reinstalling for fear of losing my progress.  Please can you advise what I can do as it’s getting to the point I don’t feel like bothering now because I’m getting really annoyed. 
  • sounds to me like you do not have enough RAM.  I played on an iPad with 1 gb of RAM, and lots of free regular memory, it crashed all the time.  Now have an iPad with 2 gb of RAM, works fine.
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