Not gaining exp points

I have been trying all day to get my experience points so I can open my mythical chest. 53570 is what I had I did 10 campaign battles that should have gotten me to 55220. I am still at 53570. My exp never changed!!!!


  • Oh no shera!

    Have you made sure you have the latest update installed to get all eventual bug fixes? 

    Reinstalling the app may also help on many issues. 
  • At least for me , the only way I got more experience points was by beating my high score. I am not sure if it was a glitch or that is the way the event was set up . But check it out for the next event.
  • For me too. I had to beat my previous high score to get points and then it was for the difference only.

  • Do you mean Experience points (as in Embla's level) or something along the lines of what two of the responses have been about (looks like they refer to highscore in blót)?

    If there has been no increase in Embla's XP-bar after defeating several Heroic stages then yes: Contact helpcenter (click cogwheel)

    If it concerns blót, then the question of highscore comes into play: After winning each stage once you can only get more points by beating your previous highscore, not by accumulating scores.
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