Hero arena needs a new league

now with all the original legends league players acquiring strong mythical creatures and for some reason they enjoy going down to Gm3 and hogging all the top spots we need a new league where these overbearing teams can go hammer and tongs at each other.
there needs  to be tier restrictions so Gm3 and tiers below that can have more fair chance of filling the top places 
 if people with mythicals want to battle in these tiers they can do so but they need to leave their mythical creatures at home or stay in the legends league where they belong


  • 100% true! Top3 of just started GM3 looking like that:

  • One of the toughest players in Solgard is in my GM3 this time. First place of course and already 1000 points ahead of me in 4th place. 
  • Also several all mythical teams when most of us are lucky to have 1 or 2.  The mythicals are also 6 or 7 level each.  Which means they had them for quite a while
  • I will say that I have several mythicals now, in the past 6 months I have won GM3 a few times, come in top 5 often...  Each time I go up to the legend league and get absolutely hammered.  Once I finished just inside 300th place.  Most times I am struggling to get inside the top 500, so I am not "dropping down" to GM3.  And I agree there should be one more level between GM3 and LL.
  • They don’t need a level between gm3 and LL they need to add a tier above LL to remove all the big hitters which overspill out of LL and back into gm3.
     They could also put a tier restriction on gm3 where the max tier creature would be legendary, all of the players who have high level mythicals have a maxed team of legendary creatures so if they dropped back from LL to gm3 they would have to compete in a much fairer way than just blitz the competition 
  • Pretty sure we are saying the same thing.  There should be 2 levels above GM3.
  • @sonja I think you are wrong about players who have high level mythicals have maxed out legendaries. I have lvl5 and lvl six mythicals, but don't have any maxed out legendaries. Far from it. It is just how the gems arrive. I'm playing for fun and spent very little money on this game. The gems you get are very unevenly distributed. I think so far I have one maxed out epic and some rares and commons.
  • Strongly Agree!
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