Blocking mechanic

Here's the scenario:

In HA (LL).  I have a large bellowkin in the middle of the board with 160 power.  In front of me is a small raven master with 16 power.  There's also a small grimbash on the far right side of the board with around 50 power.  At the end of my turn, ALL of my bellowkin's damage is blocked.  How is this possible?   There's no way the ravenmaster should have been able to block all of that damage.  I've had a situation like this happen at least once before.  This cost me the match.  There's already no room for error when playing in LL.  Having things like this happen is demoralizing.


  • The blocking mechanism, for all intents and purposes, is rigged in the game (so are critical hits). My belief is that the RNG determines the outcome of the match before it even starts, and uses blocks and critical hits to make sure that happens. Occasionally a match will come down to a difference of a few points, which will then leave it up to you and your strategy to win (or lose), but that only happens a few times each season. The blocking mechanic does not actually "play by the rules" and does as it pleases IMO.
  • No, as please the economy of the game and the basic interests of the persons whom pockets we are filling with our euros / dollars
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