Y is it that a team with 300-plus less points than I do can whip the shit out of me what the f!!!!

Why is it that during fighting like the raids,you do a set of three someone who has 300 + points less than me whips the shit out of me on all three fucking tries??? SERIOUSL


  • Raids? Raids are an automatic win. Are you sure you're not thinking about HA or HC?
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    I think that he is talking about HC. I have the same problem. Since they have change the way to calculate your rank which determined the chest  you will win at the end, a few loose suffice to miss the 1% chest and this will also result in less tokens. I won’t be able to have enough tokens to buy  mythical gems at the end of each HC.
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    Then I will have to buy keys but as my chance is permanently off with these chests I can’t have gems by this way anymore too. 
    I win one time and never won gems again in opulent chests. 
  • I understand why he is so frustrated and furious. My two Mythicals are only lvl 5 compared to the lvl 9/10 or 12 I saw. And I have no way to improve them m, unless I use cash and real money.
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    To buy keys and use them to open chests that will give me nothing because my chance is definitely off with those chests. 
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