We are currently rising up the charts having our best ever season and had a player leave suddenly. Players seem to be just dropping out everywhere even in the top 25. It’s getting sooooo exhausting for a independent guild this endless recruiting - help required  :(

DONT WANT TO LOSE OUR PROGRESS OUR PROGRESS CURRENTLY HIT THE TOP 17 POSITION. The gods of them leaderboard have been smiling upon us and this is an invite to join the exciting trip. 

So if you’re a rank 36+ STRONG PLAYER or 34-5 with a creature roster that will dazzle us with maxed legendaries and min 6/6 skills.... we need you now!

Are you getting over getting nowhere and  have been thinking of moving to a better place to do your massive boss damages where it counts? DO IT NOW! UPLEVEL! Or downlevel - just bring it. 

So please apply or get more details using the link below 


English speakers only. Must be willing to be active on discord and be able to follow strategy directions like a winner :)

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