Cheating by “Top” Guild

Members of my guild have pointed out Pulpo is cheating. Similar to BloodMoon before they developed alliances with multi guilds. 

This guild is adding new members each day allowing for additional attacks in comparison to honest guilds. Min lvl of 7 - really?!? Plus no leader for this guild and only one officer...

Photos from last season and this one - please stop this abuse as the dungeons should be fair play with no cheating! 


  • you are totally right I continue to take screenshots. This is a well-known issue and some people of the game have been informed but as far as I know, Pulpo are continuing to cheat . Noting has been done.  
  • edited October 2019
    if you take a screenshot today you will see the same thing with probably various names but in fact and probably various accounts of the same players 
  • According to Snowprint, this is not cheating since anyone can do it, and there are consequences because players who rotate out miss out on chests. They are aware of it though and do seem to be working toward a solution.
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