TOP 25 guild ELIET has a spot now for a good player to join us.

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We placed 24th last season. If you are a strong player 35+ or 34 with a strong creature roster who can play well enough to compete at the top then please apply via our discord link below. 

We are looking for an English-speaking player to join us and discord chat is a must have to support team strategy. We have been a player down for most of the season but are still in the top 30! Guild buffs: 18% health, 3% critical, 4% block, 15% sun burst. 

We want Enthusiastic players who do all dailies and progress themselves and participate in the teams success. In return you get a guild that is friendly and really easy going despite having good strategy management.... we do it without pressure. We only ask that you give what you can at any time and we will provide a good team that you will hopefully want to give your best to! 

So if you don’t want to be just another player in the big machine of the big alliances give us a shot. Independently owned and operated ha ha

Application only via our Discord channel
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