AsgardsFinest – TAGID# NYTBN – Level 31+

Hello all,


We are looking for another member to complete our ranks.

We have ranked in the Top 75 and as the picture shows last season our rank was 86th.

We are a Canadian guild and we are a friendly and close group. We enjoy sharing our thought’s, strategies and ideas.

We enjoy a friendly environment with the focus on progression and competition.


Our requirements are simple..


Guild Chat must be read before attacking the boss in case new instructions have been provided.

We encourage the use of guild chat and we enjoy the camaraderie that we currently have.

Max donations and daily activity is a must.

If you need to be away for any reason you must let the guild know before.

The level 31+ player wanting to join should have a solid line up for Legendary, Epics, Rare, Common and equipped with idols.


Any questions please feel free to ask and please see the screenshot to see what guild Benefits are provided.




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