Needed!! Adjustment in GM and LL Rewards

And here I thought there was supposed to be incentive to move up to Legends League and stay there if you can.  The rewards in LL are not significant enough to encourage players to stay in that league.  Thought I would never say this, but considering moving down to GM... just doesn't seem right... makes me feel like a bully.


  • Exactly the same thought here. The AI needs serious adjustments along with the rewards for staying in Legend League.
  • I think what needs to happen is a restriction on dropping down to another league if you have previously finished a certain level in the league above. There is absolutely no reason for a Champion of Light to be in GM3. There is no reason for a LL "Titled" player to ever be in GM2. The same thign should be true for someone who has been say top 50 in GM2 dropping to GM1. 

    If that is corrected the entire issue goes away.  
  • Totally agree with the idea of profound change in Hero (shit and cheat) Arena
  • I dont think you are understanding the problem @yourdaddy, the rewards both for seasonal, and for the 55 wins is different. Its no good, so the reward system is automatically incentivizing players to drop, so that they earn better rewards. On top of that, i do agree with a hard cap on power level to ladder brackets, but not if the rewards are better in GM3 then they are in LL. The reward system should incentivize players to climb, and compete, so the numbers need to be analyzed and adjusted accordingly. I should not be getting better rewards in GM2 than I should in GM3, that is backwards.
  • I get the issue and completely understand exactly why and how it is happening I just feel the solution is just to not allow people to drop down if they have finished in a high position in a higher HA level before. It it an always upward movement with no possibility to go down.  

    I was sitting in 4th place in my GM level with a Champion of Light ahead of me. If a player has won LL they should never be allowed on anything but LL.
  • Did you see any change in LL ? probably no ...and why ? Because it matters for real players but not for the devs who don’t play their own game.
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