Maxed out characters

I think it should be made possible to exchange creature gems that are maxed out for other game currency or valuable things!! 

Anyone feels the same?

by the way some openings in active guild level 30+ #MBZYT


  • Or the game should stop giving gems for maxed creatures. 
    Hopefully there is a method to the madness and they can be used later on.
  • I strongly support. Useless gems received for maxed creatures could be replaced by gold for instance or tokens (even better)
  • Yeah! It’s really irritating to spend keys/diamonds on chest only to get maxed out characters. Doesn’t motivate me to either grind or buy stuff...
  • From what my guild leader says - there will be a future overhaul to expand creatures to higher levels, so collecting gems on a maxed out Bog Mage (for example) will be rewarding one day...
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