Stuck at Stage 23

i made it to stage 23, and am unable to beat it. i tried replaying earlier levels, but you don't get any rewards. did some treasure cave runs, earned 100+ cave coins, so i went in the cave shop. the only thing of interest is the runes, but i can't find any info on what they do.

so am i missing something, or is this a "pay to proceed" thing.

also my hero is level 5, about halfway to level 6.


  • I take your are stuck on level 23 of the game? If so, you'll have elfing, grimchop, nightcast, and roughpaw to use. Try to creatures across from the spirits to get them out of the game before they multiple. If you can't make creatures in that area make barriers to keep the level going.

    I''m not sure if your elfing will be able to do a button bash at that level or your grimchop is able to do a shield strike. if you have them they will come in real handy for level 23 to beat the spirits. I hope this helps.
  • You will need runes soon. They are used to ‘elevate’ your creature’s abilities every 3rd level. So, when you get a creature ability to level 3, instead of ability dust and gold, you will need runes to reach level 4.
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