Unable to play Hero Challenge

I have been unable to play Hero Challenge (HC) since Tues 9/17/19.  Game does not register that last HC ended 9/17/19 so unable to get end of HC season chest and continue new season. This also impacts my ability to complete daily quests and get that reward.  I have submitted ticket but no response. This is really getting ridiculous with these software glitches. Do you need to hire new experienced game software developers??!!??


  • 9/20/19 and still unable to play Hero Challenge quest.
  • I have not been able access Hero challenge now since 9/19/19. I’m more annoyed that I’m unable to complete the daily challenges. Please can this be addressed ASAP!! Thanks 🙂
  • 9/23/19 still unable to access hero challenge.  Able to play everything else.  And no to resetting my game devs (their solution to their issue).  Lol.  I do not want to start from the beginning after playing for close to 2 years.  
  • 9/24/19.  Thanks devs for fixing this issue.  Now am able to play Hero Challenge quest and complete daily quest events :)
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