Awards in boss chests guild

Hallo to everybody.
Sorry for my english, if there will be mistakes...
I'm in a top 50 guild and from all the chests we won, I rather never find gems and absolutely never get runes or materials, instead of the info chest.
Is this only a problem of mine or it's usual?


  • What do you mean with "info chest"?
  • Hägar said:
    What do you mean with "info chest"?

    I think he means or is implying that he got something other than the information displayed for the chest details.
  • Yes Bizzo.
    Rather never got gems but in the information for the chest there were and they were certain.

    In any case, yesterday I had un upgrade and the problem seems to be solved.
    Gems are not certain but only possible. It was a mistake of the informations, I suppose...
    Thank you.
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