More challenge for Arena

I consider that the arena fights get a little bit boring over time. Just the usual legendaries in the higher leagues and at a certain point almost no chance if they are not maxed out. Why not add a little more challenge?
I would propose that one player starts the fight and the other can pick the category of creatures to fight with. In that way there are much more different outcomes possible and lower level players that have good rare creatures could even win against those who only care about the legendary ones. All creatures would also be worth something in the arena.
What do you think?


  • FunFirst. Are you proposing real Player vs Player versus Player vs Artificial Intelligence (software program)??  otherwise, do not understand since players already get a choice of three opponents to choose from. Granted they are all high maxed out opponents. I find that after so many losses the game gives you weaker player so you can eventually win pouch rewards.  Also best to use AUTO feature and just walk away. :)
  • I am talking about the hero arena where you can choose between two opponents. In the grandmaster leagues you only find legendary creatures. Of course you could use lower creatures of you like losing. My idea is that if you choose an opponent, I know it's not the real player but nevertheless, and he starts the fight you can decide the type of creatures for the duel. For example epic creatures instead  of legendariesd and the best of your opponent are picked.
  • In Hero Arena, you are playing against other real game players with AI determining move of absent person behind your opponent. It is also based on both yours and your opponents actual rank in Hero Arena.  Absent live game opponents themselves would also choose their strongest warriors cuz they do not want to loose either and fall in their ranking since the best chest rewards is based on rank.  :)
  • Maybe I was not clear enough. I know that the AI picks the strongest creatures for a duel. And therefore there are almost only legendaries competing in higher leagues. The idea was that either the AI or the player has the possibility to select which type of creatures would compete. As in some of the boss fights where the selection of creatures is limited to for example dwarves or  epic creatures. In such a duel still the strongest creatures would be selected but only within the limits of the duel. Think of it as a classical duel: one is the challenger and the other has the choice of arms. If you can't beat a high ranked player with legendaries why not give it a try with epics? That would also provide a further inventive not to neglect lower ranking creatures. Of course the to players have maxed out all creatures but still there would be much more possibilities for different outcomes.
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