Hero Challenge Strategy since Update

Any advice on HC strategy- since most recent update after the overhaul i have reached legendary tokens, but the mythical lvl is still out of grasp. 

I generally start out with middle lvl and try to use lower lvl creatures before top legendary teams. I am a horder of play passes so i have not used the passes to restart time on legendary creatures in back to back battles as often as some. I rather accumulate the passes to have a nice buffer. 

Once i reach opponent options of equal to or higher to my power lvl then i only fight easiest lvl until i lose 2 out 3 battles... 

There has to be a better way to reach mythical lvl rewards in HC. Any advice would be appreciated! 


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    As your power-levels increase, and you're fighting stronger opponents, the points per bout, are significantly better. So be upgrading all your creatures, if you really care to make the most out of HC. This is at least an observational experience for me, I am not a expert, lol.

    I usually can obtain 6+ wins, from my epics/legends, most of the time my rare boss team will also net a win. I usually throw down with commons/rares to where my epics fight, and build the win streak for rewards. Then when I return I scope out the power-level and try to guess whether I can pull off another bout win (2 out of 3 wins), for the bigger gains, and extra gains via the multiplier. This tier, which is tier 4 redo, will usually net me 1k+ points. I usually am throwing tier 4, but I have had wins from it.
  • I struggle with the concept here as well. I feel that one advances too quickly and ends up with a choice of 3 players, all of whom are much more powerful. At this stage I ask myself is it better to throw the match and restart building the win sequence ? Or to battle on  and face certain defeat within two matches? I have tried both and tbh I think throwing the match is the better option which kinda defeats the purpose of playing. I am not sure what can be done here to slow progression but it would make for a more enjoyable game. 
  • Sleipner - i agree that strategy may work but figuring out if it is most beneficial on day 1 or throughout time duration- i have not tested. Trying strongest team first fight - next middle team with top tier fighters back to back so 6 creatures timed out - then easiest team only few hundred points below my power lvl... working forward from there and trying to play when my maxed out creatures are available. I may try higher lvl teams on day two as strategy until i lose 2/3.
  • Ive grown to a point were my tier 2 and 3 are extremely difficult then they were before. I am having to assign more resources to actually pull wins, and I have switched my strat to adapt to the settings. Tier 2 and 3 have legends in them far more often than they had before, making it difficult to pull of the wins i was getting before when it was 8 rares 4 epics, tier 2 and the rest of my epics/rares tier 3.  Now i have to mix it up more to actually ascertain wins, and my tier 3 is looking an awful lot like my tier 4 was last HC season. The power level settings seem way more skewed then they ever where, and it is actually having an effect. Clicking 29k power (tier 3 for me) bout to actually face a much higher power is really getting old, im having to face what would be the middle option not the bottom option at 36k (was 32k-ish last season), and is having an actual negative effect now.

    I am currently running a win streak, while throwing one of the 3 matches, and trying to secure a win 2 of them. And then when I return i replay tier 4, and throw down. Then run the streaks again. Its about the same amont of points with a few extra gains so Ive tried to stick it out, but its far more challenging all of a sudden and out of no where.

  • It would be great if hero challenge was more structured like the dungeons now - rare plays against rare and epic plays against epic in battles etc.

    This would be a win for creator and players - resulting in strengthening all creatures rather than select few... just a thought :) 
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