Bug: Common creatures upgrades

Most of my common creatures are already max levels so I am not able to look at them all to see what upgrades are needed.


The one that I can use as an example is Grimchop.

If you look at him the way you upgrade him to by going to the Heroshop and purchasing him using the Epic Hero Coins.

This is fine because it makes the Hero Arena Valid.

The Bug that comes into effect is this.

I am currently in the Legend League of the Hero Arena and when competing no Epic Hero Coins are ever offered as rewards.

Now I have no problem dropping ranks and going into the lower Leagues but that means I will be dropping down to expert League or below.

I do not think you intended the high-ranking players like myself to be forced to drop down and impact the new players Rankings in Hero Arena which impacts their Game play

And their desire to remain playing Solgard.

Therefore I think this is a bug.

The simple fix would be to add Epic hero coins as rewards for all ranks as well or have more then 1 option to be able to purchase Grimchop.

If you intend for us to drop to the lower ranks which is fine, please be aware the amount of time a player would need to stay in the lower rank disrupting all lower levels players.

I can buy 100 Grimchop for 20 epic Hero coins. I need an average of 2000+ Epic hero coins to raise my Grimchop from level 6 to max 7.2. This is going to require me to stay down there for many different seasons and have me drop continuously as well which impacts my game play and enjoyment of the game as well. So this impacts both the high end player and the new player.

Hope this helps,



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