This game is totally rigged..?

this game is totally rigged. The pay to plat aspect has only just started creating in, but has anyone else noticed the statistically poor drop rates of the chests? I know that it has been talked about in other chats, but I have done the math: and it doesn’t follow the expected outcomes. Also, I am unable to beat any team of equal stand9ng in the hero arena. Quite often I am unable to beat less equal teams in the arena. Again I have kept a log and statistically the number of losses far outweigh the number of wins, even though I have only been oicking teams which are significantly lower in power than myself. It seems to me that the whole hero arena is fixed and unfair. It seems to me that the drop rates in chest are unfair. And it is notable how many people are leaving the game as a result. Please just stop and be fair.


  • I have the opposite experience. I can finally beat teams in the HA. Before I had your experience which made me dread the HA.
  • What is troubling and bothering with this game is that it’s not a matter of skill and luck but only a matter of odds.  You have no
    control over the results of your actions, you are just here to give money and spend time in a meaningless way. If the odds are imbalanced or skewed temporarily (or not), you spend money and time with anger and frustration...this is even more meaningless. 
  • If you search for mindfullness in this game then turn your time and mind towards the « social » part of the game.
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    Chests seem better, a lot better. However the cave chests are annoying and keys proc way more then the actual gems. Furthermore the epic summoners proc epic gems way to often. These two factors can lead to some players feeling like they aren't really receiving a reward for their time.

    I have not experienced anything of the sort that you have in HA, my biggest complaint for HA is the amount of high powered cowards in lower ladders. I have to fight tooth and nail to just get my 55 wins and have missed out of two seasons with obtaining them.
  • I finally made my way up to top league in HA and should have done this months ago. I always bounced back and forth between II and III to earn top 10-50 chests in II... so with the overhaul and update to HA timed tokens for play - i have mixed feelings. 

    The rewards are okay no real complaints but i should win more battles than i do especially against teams with less power. I always knew there were at least 2 battles i would lose back to back before winning the rest. But this has changed... 
    I may win all 5 battled in a row or lose all 5 battles and the losses increase the farther i go in reward accumulation. So earning wins past 30 is more difficult and not sure if that is the algorithm in battle or the team options available to fight. 

    My goal in HA is to win all 55 battles for final reward and hopefully go far enough in top league to earn championship name for top fighters. The odds of me doing this even at my lvl are not in my favor unfortunately. 
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